GrainSense – sales has started. First batch of 30 grain quality measurement devices released for the Swedish, Finnish and Baltic markets


Affordable by individual farmers:

GrainSense has after years of development work and a long waiting time of the first commercial version of their product, started sales and released the first batch of 30 grain quality measurement devices for the Swedish, Finnish and Baltic markets.

GrainSense is the first grain quality measurement device that is affordable and field durable enough to be owned and used by farmers. The end-user international sales price is 3.900 euro (tax 0%), including device, carry bag, measure cup, cap and 1 year warranty. A personal user account is needed for the use of the device; 250 euro/year (tax 0%), includes 4 grain species (initially available are wheat, barley, oats and rye, rapeseed will follow), updates and calibrations, unlimited data storage and possibility to share the measurement results.

“A lot of effort has been put to finalize the design, securing the infrastructure and ramping up the production including an intensive testing of the device, says GrainSense CEO Edvard Krogius. We are very excited and pleased to deliver the first devices to our committed community of farmers, Edvard Krogius continues.”

Big interest among the farming community:
The GrainSense solution has been developed in close collaboration with individual farmers and farming organizations. The feedback from farmers has confirmed that currently there are no suitable tools available to support farm-level decision-making in order to manage and optimize the protein content of crops.

Bringing the grain quality measurement practice to the farm level:
GrainSense has developed the world’s first truly hand-held device for grain quality measurement. The GrainSense hand-held device measures the protein, moisture, oil and carbohydrate content of cereals and other crops – i.e. key determinants of the harvest value and processing cost. The device is battery powered, requires only a few grains and takes just seconds to make each measurement. The service includes a mobile application with GPS positioning and cloud connection, which supports a suite of value-added services for improving productivity and profitability.

Laboratory accuracy from field in seconds:
For the first time, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops in the field (even before harvesting) and make decisions that can significantly improve their productivity and profitability. The device will also enable meat producers to control and adjust the protein content of feed in real time, which can have a major impact on profitability.

The unique features of GrainSense are:

• It is 5 times smaller than closest alternatives and battery-powered, and therefore convenient to use in field conditions.
• It is at least 3 times less expensive than closest alternatives.
• It takes just 30 seconds to make a measurement, including sample loading.
• It is the only device that can be used before harvest.
• Anyone can use it without special training.
• It will include the most comprehensive package of value-added software services providing actionable insights instead of plain data.
• It has a potential payback time shorter than one harvesting season.

Sales through distributors:
GrainSense distributor partner Berner Ltd has started the sales and introduced the device on the Swedish, Finnish and Baltic markets. “Wherever the GrainSense solution has been introduced, we have seen exceptionally strong interest in testing and pre-ordering, says Kalle Erkkola, Head of Division, Berner Ltd. We are as well very excited indeed to see this device in field use, continues Kalle Erkkola.”

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