Mobile Grinding, Rolling and Mixing Plants Buschhoff TOURMIX 02


Mode of Operation and Economic Use

Mobile grinding, rolling and mixing plants are mobile concentrated-feed plants. They produce mixed feed from self-produced grain and components for pigs, sheep, ruminants and poultry. With these plants the lessor can offer his clients the possibility to use their grain in the most effective way – as animal feed.

Mixed feed of any structure and fineness can be produced. The hammer mill is sucking the grinding stock; its grinding output amounts, it depends on type, as many as 25 tons per hour. 72 hard-metals hammers serve to reach a uniform quality of the finished material.

The rolling output is similar to the hammer mill. Different types of grains, such as peas and beans, can be crushed without problems.

The finished product can be added by admixtures, such as crushed soy, mineral feed and the like. The components are dosed by weight and carefully mixed in the feed mixer. Even soy oil can be added to the mix. The mixer’s capacity is up to 7 tons of feed.

The finished mixed feed is discharged via a swivel screw or a pneumatic discharge system into silos or other appropriate storage facilities. The conveying capacity is 36 to 60 tons per hour.

In many cases, shredding or crushing as outside service is more economic for the farmer than the use of an own stationary plant.

With mobile concentrated-feed plants the lessors dispose of robust plants which are on the latest technical state. The high capacity and the problem-free operation of mobile concentrated-feed plants guarantee safe yields, as evidenced by efficiency quotations.

The plant can be run 12 months per year; annual outputs of more than 10,000 tons are possible.

Some Technical Details

The plant is driven by a Mercedes Benz turbocharged Diesel engine of 260 kW (354 h.p.) with high torque.

Magnetic separators prevent metallic parts from getting into mill or crusher.

The hammer mill with its 72 hard-metal-hammers ensures high grinding output and long lifetime. The desired finished material fineness is obtained by use different punched-plates or wire-mesh screens.

The optional crusher includes two massive cast steel rollers. For the purpose of saving the surface, one of the rollers is hydraulically prestressed and allows springing apart for foreign objects passing through the rollers. By changing the hydraulic roller prestressing it is also possible to modify the crushing quality. From the operator’s panel the crushing gap can easily be modified for different stocks and structures to be crushed. Hence, there are no problems even when crushing maize, peas and beans. The roller is overload-protected.

The rotary piston blower ensures uniform and high conveying capacity. It is standard-equipped with safety valves on both suction and compression sides. An automatic dust separator serves for effective separation and dust-free waste air.

The mixer is suspended in a weighing appliance. The weight of the mixer content is permanently indicated. The mixing stock can be checked through a sampling nozzle. Appliances for suction and proportioning of soy oil are optional.

A hydraulic tilting mechanism simplifies admixture feeding.

Bulk components not to be shredded or crushed can be sucked and conveyed directly into the weigh mixer.

The weigh mixer is discharged either by the pneumatic discharge system or the 6.0 m long swivel discharge screw. It can be lifted or lowered from the operator’s cabin, too.

The entire plant is controlled by the operator from his cabin; it includes all operating and control elements, such as indicators of speed, working hours, oil pressure, cooling water temperature, tank content, as well as manometers for suction, compression and hydraulic oil pressures.

The cabin is of ergonomic design, weatherproof, lockable and protected against dirtying on motion.

The conveying hoses of 90 or 100 mm diameter.are arranged on large trays, providing good accessibility.

Spotlights are available to illuminate the working place.

Their robustness and reliability have proved for more than 50 years. Mobile grinding, rolling and mixing plants or mobile grinding and mixing plants (without roller) can be supplied as second-hand plants, too



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