EMT –Fertiliser Blender and Bagging projects established in Africa


EMT, a manufacturer of Fertiliser Blending and Bagging Equipment, has been heavily involved in the development of the African fertilizer industry. The company, based in the Netherlands, has a long list of references, in total we have installed more than 460 projects in more than 70 countries worldwide. The company has exported to more than 20 African countries in the previous years, as can also be found on the website.

One of the most recent larger installations on the continent has been a Weighcont Continuous Blender Line with small bag bagging lines. The company Glofert in Ghana has invested in a machine line with a capacity of 80 tons per hour. With its machine installation Glofert can continuously produce blends and bag the fertilizer through 2 bagging lines of each 40 tons per hour.  The company is a local Ghanaian company that is directly selling the fertiliser to their local distributors. Ghana has a strong presence of Fertilizer blenders with EMT equipment including LDC – Chemico and Yara. Of which also Yara has recently expanded their facility with machines of EMT.

Analysing the African market as a whole we can see Ethiopia as a big investor with EMT Blender and bagging lines on 4 different locations.

In the Sub Saharan countries South Africa has the highest presence of companies running with EMT equipment, but as Botswana, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Nigeria, Togo, South Africa and Zimbabwe. These local companies are running with blending and bagging equipment from the Dutch company.

The African market is constantly in need of further development in its agricultural sector. Currently Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Mali and Nigeria have projects running together with EMT.

New developments in the area but also outside of Africa is the upcoming from coating for Urea and/or Blended fertilizers. Almost all of EMT’s blending equipment is suited for liquid adding so that the impregnation of for example Urea, can be done in the same machine line. Also stand-alone coating units have been developed which are solely focussing on coating one type of fertilizer, usually urea, with an inhibitor.

The years of experience in the fertilizer field have made EMT one of the largest well known machinery producers in the world. Its combination of blending lines and bagging lines which are supplied and constructed by 1 Producer makes EMT a good partner for all types of customers. All machines are pre-assembled and tested in the EMT factory. The machines are all engineered to make them fit in to a container or truck/trailer. This is for easy transport to the customers. The installation is done by the EMT Supervisor with help of the customer technicians. The whole machine set up is then a turn key set-up.

With the different machines EMT is supplying all types of companies, from the local distributors to the multinational producers, can always find the right machine line which fits into their budget and capacity request.

For contact see the EMT website emt@emt.tech or contact the local distributor of EMT equipment.




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