Agricultural biological solutions – the future of farming


Over the past few years, biological solutions have rapidly been incorporated into agricultural crop production. The biocontrol market is growing globally at between 15 – 17% CAGR1.

There’s a much higher level of acceptance now than there was ten to fifteen years ago. Today’s consumer is demanding residue-free, nutrient-dense food to feed their families and be safe doing so.’ – Andre Fox, Madumbi Sustainable Agriculture CEO

The use of biocontrol products is not expected to completely displace traditional crop protection products in the foreseeable future1. However, their increased usage within Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems is growing – a combined program of biocontrol and traditional solutions, for the best cost-benefit, yield production and sustainable food security.

It is no longer good enough for manufacturers and distributors to offer only traditional crop inputs. The modern portfolio must also include biological pesticides and biostimulant solutions.

There are many factors contributing to the rapid growth within biocontrol with the main two being:

  • Consumer demand for healthy, nutrient dense food
  • The unsustainable cost of developing traditional pesticides

The organic market and the biocontrol market are often incorrectly perceived to be the same, however it is important to note that the organic market is not driving the rapid growth of biocontrol solutions. The organic market represents 10% of the biocontrol market and is growing at 11% CAGR1.

More on biologicals

Biological products are derived from living organisms and fall into four categories

  • Biostimulants – Natural plant growth stimulants impacting plant growth, eg, kelp, fulvic acid
  • Semiochemicals – Natural insect pheromones used as attractants for mating disruption
  • Microbials – Micro-organisms with pest or disease control qualities ie. fungi, bacteria, viruses
  • Macrobials – Nature’s predators that can reduce crop pests eg. ladybirds feeding on aphids

Microbial products used to reduce pests or diseases are more commonly known as bio-pesticides. Bio-pesticides require the same stringent tests as chemical solutions and must be registered by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) before they may legally be sold or used.

Madumbi’s vision to lead this change was born 20 years ago. Today, Madumbi is proud to be a market leader in agricultural biocontrol solutions.

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