Oil water separators’ for agriculture applications


A typical compressed air system will produce thousands of litres of oily, contaminated

condensate every year. Environmental regulations prohibit disposing of this condensate without proper treatment to remove the oil.

Condensate is a waste-product of compressed air. It is a mixture of oil and water with particles and hydrocarbons that have been concentrated during the compression process.

This mixture of oil and water is classified as hazardous industrial waste. Environmental laws and regulations prohibit the discharge of untreated compressor condensate into foul sewers. After the oily condensate has been efficiently removed from the compressed air system by a reliable JORC drain, it cannot be discharged directly to the foul sewer without first having the oil content reduced to within legal disposal limits.

Considering that compressor condensate consists of approximately 95% water, it makes financial sense to separate the oil from the condensate prior to the waste is disposed. Every end-user that operates a compressed air system should have a (condensate) environmental management program (ISO 14000) in place not only to abide to laws and regulations but to also practice ecological responsibility.

JORC’s SEPREMIUM Oil/Water Separators are a reliable, effective, efficient and above all an

environmental solution. Using a specially treated adsorbent, polypropylene filter elements, the JORC SEPREMIUM Oil/water separator efficiently and effectively separates all compressor lubricants without the need for condensate storage tanks or settling chambers.

JORC Industrial has developed an oil/water separator that works.

Free yourself from outdated oil/water separators that are health hazards, provide limited performance and are costly to operate. Experience the difference of JORC’s advanced technology. Experience the SEPREMIUM.

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