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ROTOCON is a widely recognized brand serving printers and converters in Africa, Europe and now Asia. In Africa, ROTOCON partners with reputable companies meeting high quality standards to supply state-of-the-art printing and finishing machines, accessories, and consumables. With a full-service approach, ROTOCON provides highly trained technicians for installation and comprehensive operator training.

In 2014, Rotocon partnered with Screen as its specialist South African reseller of the Truepress Jet L350UV series UV inkjet label printing system with Exceptional colour reproduction for label printing. Since then, the L350UV has attracted attention in South Africa with 8 customer installations. Now in 2020, the new SAI model enters the market, expanding applications and functionalities even further, such as low migration ink specially developed for food packaging applications.

Colourful Stability

In Japanese, SAI means colourful. With Expanded Colour Gamut (ECG) inks, superior colour reproduction with the SAI is now achievable. Where orange ink enables richer colour reproduction in the red areas, blue ink faithfully reproduces the blue tones in corporate, toiletry, cosmetic and body care packaging.


An entry level model is available for printers who do not need the full functionality immediately, with options to upgrade as business grows. Even with a CMYK only configuration you can match around 80% of the spot colours within a Delta E < 3. Additional heads can also be added when your business is ready. And, if top speed of 80m per minute is not needed, you can choose a 50m per minute SAI-E or 60m per minute SAI-S model.

Low migration model

The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI LM features a nitrogen purge mechanism which helps reduce the oxygen density to an absolute minimum, to accelerate and maximize the curing process. Specially designed low-migration inks developed for food packaging applications minimize the migration of components compared to standard inks.

The LM is the perfect choice for converters to quickly and cost-effectively produce premium quality labels compliant with stringent food-grade packaging criteria, e.g. EuPIA Exclusion Policy for Printing Inks & Related Products, Swiss Ordinance and Nestlé Guidance.

Reliability and Robustness

What makes Screen’s equipment productive over time and maximizes throughput is reliability and robustness. Data analysis from over 170 installations of the L350UV+ series worldwide users reports an average uptime in excess of 90%. Architectural and software improvements introduced on the SAI device will stretch that figure even further.

Fine text and smooth gradations

The Truepress Jet L350UV SAI uses Piezo inkjet technology with proprietary UV/LED curable inks to print the finest detail and capture the highest definition and smallest text point size at 600dpi print quality across a range of substrates. Thickening of outline text is prevented with the choke function, providing excellent legibility – even for the large amounts of information on pharmaceutical labels.

Proprietary four-level grayscale droplet technology provides smooth reproduction of halftone images, while colour blending allows subtle tones and photorealistic quality. The SAI supports 7 colours and features room for one extra row of heads for functional ink.

Supports security printing

In combination with highly efficient print heads and proprietary inks, the transport mechanism tightly controls the media feeding to prevent meandering and ensures consistently high registration accuracy and small droplet size. Precision levels essential for detailed dot codes and other security printing is also assured.

High Opacity White

Truepress white ink contains the maximum possible ratio of pigments to ensure high opacity. On the E model, white will run at 30m/min, while on the faster S and Z models white will have a throughput of 50m/min.

Thin substrate support

A chilled roller enables highly stable and fine quality production also on thin and heat-sensitive substrates, broadening the overall range of label/packaging applications on the SAI.

Variable speed printing

A low start-up speed option reduces printing to 6m/min for easier registration adjustment and less waste when connecting inline to a post-press device. The speed can easily be increased/ decreased in fixed steps.

One-touch cleaning

Ink mist and other nozzle clogging substances are automatically cleaned during start-up or shutdown at the push of a button on the touch panel’s maintenance screen. No manual intervention required, which cuts down maintenance time to less than 15 min/day.

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