Rust prevention solutions with MOSIL


Rust is an oxidation which is a natural tendency of metal to exist in the environment, but for the metal to be used in an equipment or in any manufacturing process, it should be in its original form (Rust free) to have the strength and solve the purpose of the equipment.

For a ferrous metal structure or component to remain rust-free, there should be an application of rust-preventive oil over the metals surface. Rust prevention oil creates a layer of oil over the metal surface making it inactive to react with atmospheric oxygen and get rusted. This layer of oil is a temporary solution and comes with a specific time limit to protect the ferrous structure or components. Once the time limit of the rust prevention oil is over there is good chance of metal to get rusted from the layer which get broken due to any reason. We need to apply the rust preventive oil again over the surface if it is needed to protected further in case of ferrous structure. And for ferrous components we need to clean the rust preventive oil applied to the surface of the component so that the required processes can be performed over.

Basically, offering a rust preventive solution to customer requires certain parameters to be checked which are as follows –

  1. Metal on which RPO is applied – ferrous, aluminium, copper, brass, etc
  2. Pre-process of the component on which RPO is to be applied – Machining, etc
  3. Post process in which the component will be after the RPO is applied – storage, transport, packaging, etc
  4. Type of Rust preventive required by the customer (if specifically required) – Wet, Oily, Dry
  5. Period of protection – 1 month, 3-6 month, 9-12 months, more than 1 year, etc
  6. Type of RPO application – by brush, spray, dip, etc
  7. RPO removal (if needed)

With the help of above data, we can recommend an ideal RPO that suits the operating process, which meets the expectations of the customer to serve the purpose. MOSIL brings a wide range of rust preventive solutions which can offered by studying the need of the customer.

MOSIL provides rust preventive solutions as per period of protection required by the customer –

Where, we offer –

MOSIL NTKOR 4441 –     24 to 30 months of protection

MOSIL NTKOR 1320 –     9 to 12 months of protection

MOSIL DW 79 –                  15 to 18 months of protection


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