The simple and safe solution for rail transports


When transporting sensitive, refined or hazardous materials on rails, Kiruna Wagon’s Side Dumper offers an extremely simple but safe option for sealed transports. This technology is developed in the Arctic part of Sweden, proven to resist the harshest of climates.

As the Side Dumper is equipped with a roof, it is optimized for sealed transports. The loading and unloading can be performed from both sides as well as from the top, a solution for simple use which supports good economy when goods are unloaded at more than one station. The Swedish copper producer Boliden frequently uses this wagon for its transport of copper ore concentrate.

Multiple loading options

The roof is opened through a connection to power points at the loading station. When discharged through the sides, the wagon is locked in the correct position before external lifters tip it to an angle of 55 degrees.

– SD wagon has been designed according to modular philosophy, which means the loading cube might be easily replaced if damaged. The customer can install multiple unloading stations to multiply the trainset unloading rate and tailor it according to its needs. Therefore this bulk handling system is extremely robust and easy to scale. The Side Dumper’s design allows a lower tare weight and enables velocities of up to 100 km per hour when fully loaded. Kiruna Wagon has a strong focus on the African market and we want to support the mining sector with our technology. Therefore we have signed a cooperation agreement with Newlyn Group from South Africa, says Pawel Karas, technical sales manager at Kiruna Wagon.





Max axle load                                      25 tonnes

Line load                                             8 tonnes

Number of axles                                  4

Wagon length                                      12 500 mm

Gauge                                                 1435 mm

Tare weight                                         27 tonnes

Loading volume                                  40.5 m³

Length between bogie centres           7500 mm

Wheel base                                         1727 mm

Coupler height                                     1040 mm

Technical lifespan chassis                  min 20 years

Technical lifespan body                      min 20 years

Temperature interval                          -40 to +60 °C

Unloading capacity/h and station        1500 tonnes/h


The wagon can be customized to fit logistic preconditions such as axle loads, length, volume, loading profile, AAR, and TSI.


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Anders Vikard

Technical Manager

Ph. +46 70 257 57 53




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