Simplifying which adhesive product to choose


Choosing the right adhesive for your application can sometimes be a confusing task, given the multitude of options available, each tailored to specific conditions and materials. Adhesives are classified based on their chemical composition, physical form, or class. Pratley offers an easy-to-choose adhesive range for diverse applications suited to both DIY and industrial applications, according to Mark Bell, National Sales and Marketing Manager for Adhesives.

Each product is developed using extensive R&D capabilities and manufactured using high-quality raw materials for superior performance and unmatched reliability for most substrates and operating conditions.

“We specifically formulate each of our DIY adhesive products to perform well on most substrates, thus mostly eliminating the confusion regarding which one to choose, or minimising the risk associated with choosing the incorrect one. For example, all of our epoxy range will bond extremely well to most rigid materials, including metal, stone, glass, concrete, wood and ceramics. Certainly, choosing a good match to your application is always the best-case-scenario and is recommended, especially with regards to matching adhesive colour to your application,” says Mark.

Pratley adhesives are also designed with user convenience in mind. Many feature convenient applicators, or nozzles and come with simple, clear instructions in a variety of local languages. This means that whether you are a seasoned professional or a new DIY enthusiast, Pratley adhesives are highly effective and easy to use.

“Of course, bonding conditions such as operating temperature, vibration and low surface energy substrates do play a role in which adhesive is more suitable. Our team of friendly technical consultants is always ready to timeously assist should you be unsure or require more detailed advice on how to tackle a specific application or repair,” says Mark.

Whether you need a quick-setting adhesive for general household repairs or a specialised adhesive for specific materials and conditions, the Pratley range has a solution for every bonding requirement, ensuring quality, convenience, reliability, and long-lasting performance.


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