Bühler aims to implement successful food security projects in Southern Africa


The food and mobility issues confronting the region demand innovative solutions, technologies, process solutions, and business models

Johannesburg (South Africa), 10 April 2024 – Bühler Southern Africa is deeply committed to addressing food security, both a regional and continent-wide concern. “We are actively participating in various discussions, highlighting the importance of this issue and our dedication to finding solutions,” comments MD Marco Sutter.

As a result, the company has started off 2024 in full swing. “Our mission is innovation for a better world. The food and mobility challenges we face demand innovative solutions, technologies, process solutions, and business models,” highlights Sutter.

“We want to contribute to a sustainable world that affords the next generation the same chance to live and develop as today’s society. The digitalised world we live in requires higher flexibility and agility to be successful and, as a result, a culture based on self-responsibility and collaboration,” says Sutter.

Values are the basics of any company culture, and Sutter highlights that Bühler Southern Africa cares equally for its customers and colleagues. “Our mission is innovation for a better world. What does that mean for us in our region? We have a huge responsibility. We create solutions for safe and affordable food and feed for everyone.”

Sutter affirms that Bühler is the technology leader in the industry and sets new trends with its advanced solutions. “We develop new process solutions and business models for the industry and nurture fresh talent for the region. The world we currently inhabit requires more flexibility and agility to achieve success. Therefore, we need to inculcate a culture of high self-responsibility and collaboration,” says Sutter.

Bühler has been operating in South Africa since 1972 and has over 220 employees at present. Its Johannesburg operation provides sales and service, project execution and manufacturing and logistics. In addition, it has service stations in Cape Town, Lusaka, and Maputo, offering its extensive client base spares and wear parts, roll refluting, and die refurbishment. “We offer a strong and trusted local presence in Africa, with a state-of-the-art workshop and local spares stockholding,” concludes Sutter.


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